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Education Consultancy Services

Oral Communication +
Pre-departure Preparation

Oral Skills Coaching for Interviews, Meetings and Presentations

Simone provides support with various oral communication tasks in English, French and Portuguese as a first or second language. She can help individuals prepare and deliver presentations, chair meetings or facilitate discussions in their own or in a second language. Previous clients include professionals and academics using a second language to communicate in their area of expertise, as well as foreign students, recent graduates and migrants to the UK.

Support for Clear, Appropriate, Confident Oral Communication

  • Support for oral communication tasks in English, French and Portuguese
  • Support offered for specific tasks or overall improvement for individuals or small groups
  • Coaching for solo presentations or group tasks

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Specialised Training prior to International Development Missions

Volunteers or experts preparing for their first experience of international development work may lack knowledge of their destination and its cultural context; they may be unaware of the cultural constraints on transmission of information. Pre-departure preparation helps them to stay safe and to engage constructively and effectively in the field.

Learning to Perform a Familiar Role in an Unfamiliar Environment

  • Transmits awareness of diverse social and cultural contexts, preparing people to work in a respectful, culturally sensitive manner, to allow effective implementation and knowledge transmission
  • Covers essential information for working in an unfamiliar or insecure environment, from how to dress and behave to protection from tropical diseases and how to eat and drink safely
  • Bespoke, active, participatory approach ensures maximum engagement with essential information for a specific mission

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Case Studies

Pre-departure preparation for OPT IN (the Overseas Partnering and Training Initiative)volunteer health trainers working in Madagascar

Development and delivery of a bespoke half day training course for health workers going to work as volunteer trainers in Madagascar for the first time.

Coaching in chairing meetings in French for Professor Anne Chamberlain, Emeritus professor of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Leeds

One-on-one support to help an expert perform a familiar task clearly and effectively in a second language.

Providing multilingual support and advice to OPT IN (the Overseas Partnering and Training Initiative) of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust on their partnerships in Madagascar

Expert advice on the specific requirements of setting up and managing training and partnerships with healthcare providers in the developing world, ensuring that the needs of beneficiaries are taken into account.