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Education Consultancy Services

Policy Development

Support to Develop Effective Education or Teacher Policy

A shared strategic vision is essential for education system stakeholders to play their role effectively. Simone’s consultative and participatory approach to policy development ensures adherence and buy-in, drawing on viewpoints from every level as well as international good practice. The resulting policies are context-specific, evidence-based and aligned with other policies and national priorities.
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Evidence-based Participatory Policy Development

  • Engages stakeholders at every level, from government and national and regional education management to teachers, teacher unions and professional organisations, school leaders and parents, to create a policy that is owned by those affected rather than imposed from above
  • Uses national and international data to ensure policies meet actual needs, are appropriate, realistic and affordable
  • Draws on extensive knowledge and experience of teacher policy development to ensure policies are aligned with international best practice and draw on lessons learned in comparable contexts
policy development approach

Case Studies

General rapporteur at Task Force for Teachers for EFA 5th International Policy Dialogue Forum

Moderation of thematic group on Inclusion in Teacher Policies and Practices and authorship of Policy Dialogue Forum General Report.

Co-author of Teacher Policy Development Guide for International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 and UNESCO

Production of a user-friendly guide on teacher policy for governments and other policy developers incorporating cases and good practice from a wide range of contexts.

Development of Guidelines for Teacher Professional Development Policy for the Teaching Services Commission in Sierra Leone.

A collaborative project using multi-level consultation and capacity development to develop and promote new guidelines for school-based teacher professional development (TPD).