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Case studies shown here are Simone’s descriptions of roles she has played rather than the official descriptions of these projects

Teacher policy development research and documentation

Co-author of Teacher Policy Development Guide for International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 and UNESCO

Production of a user-friendly guide on teacher policy for governments and other policy developers incorporating cases and good practice from a wide range of contexts.


To support the International Task Force on Teachers’ work on teacher policy, Simone co-authored the Teacher Policy Development Guide. The process was highly participatory and consultative, integrating input and experiences from many different countries, international organisations and individuals. The Guide highlights examples of good practice from all over the world and showcases policy responses to a wide variety of teacher issues. Examples include solutions to the challenges of recruiting and retaining teachers in schools in remote and isolated areas, integrating non-professional teachers into the teaching pool and strategies for dealing with low morale and absenteeism.


The Guide was launched on International Teachers’ Day in 2015. Since then it has been an invaluable resource, used by a variety of countries and experts to develop teacher policy. The Task Force has made experts available to use the Guide to support teacher policy development around the world and build capacity within countries.

Download the Summary Teacher Policy Development Guide

Download the Full Teacher Policy Development Guide