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Case Studies

Case studies shown here are Simone’s descriptions of roles she has played rather than the official descriptions of these projects

Research into teacher motivation

Coordinating research into teacher motivation and morale in Mozambique for the Mozambican Ministry of Education, DfID and VSO

A multilingual study based on qualitative data gathered throughout Mozambique with the aid of a bi-national research team.


Working in Portuguese and English, Simone recruited and trained a small bilingual research team and coordinated the research design, planning and implementation of the project, including creating the data gathering and analysis tools and writing and overseeing the translation of the research report. The study used data from documentary analysis, focus groups and semi-structured interviews with a wide range of education stakeholders. Under Simone’s direction, the bi-national team travelled throughout Mozambique, including the most inaccessible and marginalized areas, to gather information regarding education workers’ motivation and morale.


The research identified and documented the many factors that impact on education workers’ motivation and morale, and the interactions between these, and formulated policy recommendations aimed at improving the working lives and professional support of teachers.

The research is reported in a comprehensive report, including recommendations which have since extensively informed policy formulation.

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