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Education Consultancy Services

Case Studies

Case studies shown here are Simone’s descriptions of roles she has played rather than the official descriptions of these projects


External final evaluation of phase two of the Food for Education Project for USDA, Planet Aid International and ADPP Mozambique

Design, coordination, data analysis and oversight of evaluation process conducted during COVID-19 pandemic

Advice and Technical Assistance for Strengthening Teacher Education Programmes in Cambodia (STEPCam) in partnership with UNESCO

Development of a school-based continuous professional development (CPD) system for education personnel in alignment with revised teacher career pathway

Development of National Policy Framework for Professionalisation of the Teaching Force in St Kitts and Nevis, in partnership with UNESCO

Facilitation of a multi-level participatory process to produce a comprehensive policy framework on teacher management and professional development.

Development of Guidelines for Teacher Professional Development Policy for the Teaching Services Commission in Sierra Leone.

A collaborative project using multi-level consultation and capacity development to develop and promote new guidelines for school-based teacher professional development (TPD).

Country lead for baseline study of GEC Successful Transition and Advancement of Rights for Girls (STAR-G) Project for Save the Children Mozambique, in association with NFER.

Multilingual support and mediation between UK analysts and local groups to produce a baseline study of a project supporting girls’ access to education.

Editing and advising on a Resource Manual on Ending Child Labour for Education International, the international federation of education unions

Support in finalising a resource manual based on union members’ contributions, making it user-friendly and fit for international application.

Support in developing M&E plan for Food for Education Project for USDA, Planet Aid International and ADPP Mozambique

Liaising between donor and beneficiaries to create and implement an M&E plan that is practical, fit-for-purpose, accountable to the donor and empowering for staff and beneficiaries.

Developing an M&E framework for OPT IN’s Madagascar programme and conducting a midterm and a final evaluation and impact assessment

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation to improve the training programme in rehabilitation medicinefor both Malagasy and UK partners.

Co-author of Teacher Policy Development Guide for International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 and UNESCO

Production of a user-friendly guide on teacher policy for governments and other policy developers incorporating cases and good practice from a wide range of contexts.

General rapporteur at Task Force for Teachers for EFA 5th International Policy Dialogue Forum

Moderation of thematic group on Inclusion in Teacher Policies and Practices and authorship of Policy Dialogue Forum General Report.

Mid-term and final external evaluations for Food for Education Project for USDA, Planet Aid International and ADPP Mozambique

Design, development, coordination and full oversight of evaluation process, including training of data gatherers.

Providing multilingual support and advice to OPT IN (the Overseas Partnering and Training Initiative) of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust on their partnerships in Madagascar

Expert advice on the specific requirements of setting up and managing training and partnerships with healthcare providers in the developing world, ensuring that the needs of beneficiaries are taken into account.

Coaching in chairing meetings in French for Professor Anne Chamberlain, Emeritus professor of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Leeds

One-on-one support to help an expert perform a familiar task clearly and effectively in a second language.

Research methods coaching of Katie Lockwood, for conducting her MA HRM dissertation project in Human Resource Management at Leeds University Business School

Individualised tuition helping a university postgraduate student hone specific skills in research methods and interview techniques for a project investigating the impact of social media networking on recruitment.

Support to primary curriculum development in Lesotho for the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET)

A six-month project to assist and guide the curriculum designers from the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) in Lesotho to complete the new intergrated curriculum for primary grades 1 – 3 and design the associated teacher training programme, as part of a holistic education programme supported by the World Bank.

Coordinating technical assistance in Human Resource Management and Development Strategy for Education in Mozambique

A year-long project, funded by the UK’s DFID, to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Education and Culture, working alongside managers and staff in the National Human Resources Directorate.

Support to baseline survey for Food for Education Project for USDA, Planet Aid International and ADPP Mozambique

Creation of a tailor-made survey to collect project baseline data and training of the data gatherers.

Pre-departure preparation for OPT IN (the Overseas Partnering and Training Initiative)volunteer health trainers working in Madagascar

Development and delivery of a bespoke half day training course for health workers going to work as volunteer trainers in Madagascar for the first time.

Coordinating research into teacher motivation and morale in Mozambique for the Mozambican Ministry of Education, DfID and VSO

A multilingual study based on qualitative data gathered throughout Mozambique with the aid of a bi-national research team.

Developing a Handbook of good human resource practices in the teaching profession for the International Labour Organisation.

Contribution to the United Nations’ International Labour Organisation (ILO)Handbook to provide guidance on good HR practice for policy makers and education providers worldwide and ensure that teachers benefit from effective, equitable and supportive HR policy and practice.