Dr Simone Doctors


Education, Human Resources, International Development

Project Management, Research, Training
and Coaching for Education Planners,
Deliverers and Users

Multilingual Education Services and Consultancy

Available in or using English, French, Portuguese and Spanish


Simone Doctors is a highly qualified and experienced education specialist with 24 years experience in education delivery, planning and policy formulation. She has expertise in International Development and Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development. She speaks and is able to work comfortably in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

People and their education, skills and knowledge are the most valuable assets of an organisation or country. Simone works with individuals and organisations to help them maximise and enable their full potential, by developing their education, knowledge and skills to achieve excellence or adapt to changing demands and challenges.

Education, International Development and Human Resources are all areas involving people and their development. As such they require made-to-measure solutions: Simone offers tailor-made support and services to individuals and organisations. She has worked with Ministries of Education, NGOs, universities, teacher training organisations, education providers, international development donors, international organisations and civil society organisations. She has also worked with a wide variety of individual teachers, students, trainers, scholars and international development workers..

She is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and a member of the African Studies Association of the UK.


Leaf Capacity Building
Individual and institutional knowledge and skills development 
leaf2 Research
Design and execution of research projects, training in research methods
leaf3 Training
Design and delivery of training, creation of training materials
leaf3 Pre-departure Preparation
Advice and training for international development professionals and volunteers
Leaf Project Documentation
Support in writing clear, effective funding proposals, presentational literature, reports
leaf2 Oral Communication
Coaching in conducting interviews, meetings, oral presentations
leaf3 Monitoring and Evaluation
M&E of education projects with a focus on organisational learning



Consultancy Case Studies

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