Education, International Development and
the management and development of Human Resources are all areas which call for made-to-measure solutions. I do not offer a predetermined, one-size-fits-all approach.

Many people and organisations are already ‘experts’ in their own domain, although they may lack the time, confidence or specialist skills to perform certain tasks or realise certain goals without support.  That’s where a sympathetic outsider with excellent listening and questioning skills, together with strong analytical tools and subject knowledge can be useful.

Whether you are:

  • a Ministry of Education in a developing country looking for support in strategic Human Resource management and development
  • a small NGO seeking pre-departure training for staff or volunteers going on development missions, or help improving project documentation
  • a large NGO or international organisation wishing to carry out education research or an evaluation of an education project
  • an education provider or teacher training institution engaged in planning, improving or delivering teaching or training
  • an individual who has a familiar task to perform in a new language
Workshop in Maputo

I will listen and work closely with you to understand your need before proposing a tailor-made course of action. This will often involve drawing on and developing existing knowledge and skills, to achieve your objectives, solve your problem or meet your challenge.  My approach uses a combination of your knowledge and skills and mine, to empower you with perspectives, approaches and tools, which you can apply again and again.

This requires an awareness of different cultures and approaches, inclusiveness, diplomacy and a respect for diversity.

Workshop in Maputo

I am used to communicating and working with people with diverse cultural backgrounds and levels of education. I am equally comfortable talking to senior policy makers, technical experts, or students and their parents. Along with my ability to work in several languages, this means I can often be an effective intermediary between project beneficiaries and sponsors.  I consult widely, listen carefully and help identify solutions which are acceptable to those concerned and with which they feel comfortable.

I can work comfortably with you in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish, and on projects and tasks which require several of those languages at once.




Leaf Capacity building
Individual and institutional knowledge and skills development 
leaf2 Research
Design and execution of research projects, training in research methods
leaf3 Training
Design and delivery of training, creation of training materials
leaf3 Pre-departure Preparation
Advice and training for international development professionals and volunteers
Leaf Project Documentation
Support in writing clear, effective funding proposals, presentational literature, logical frameworks, etc.
leaf2 Oral Communication
Coaching in conducting interviews, meetings, oral presentations, etc.
leaf3 Monitoring and Evaluation
M&E of education projects with a focus on organisational learning

Consultancy Case Studies

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